New Music Series on Kindness…Death, and Love

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A new musical project by Chunjay and friends, featuring Flatline, DJ Sean P, CookBook, Spoken Nerd, and others…

Hey Neighbor,

It’s a beautiful day for a neighbor, a lovely day for a hip-hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip, hip-hop and you don’t stop the rockin’… to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat. Jamey here, or as I’m known in the rap game, Chunjay.

You might be the Michael Jordan of the taco game, and I think Ice Cube once boasted he was the rap game Donald Trump, so I thought it would be funny if I bragged in a rap lyric that I was “The Mr. Rogers of the Rap Game.” Since I was once a preschool teacher by day and a rapper on the microphone by night, the odd juxtaposition is something I’ve lived so the joke made sense.

What was originally just an unrecorded lyric has now become a forthcoming Royal Ruckus release series. I’m totally stoked to finally announce our next musical project….

Royal Ruckus Presents an EP trilogy of kindness, inspired by the ever-inspiring man Fred Rogers, known to children as “Mister Rogers”:

Volume  1: Come On and Wake Up! 

Volume 2: Mr. Bennett’s Neighborhood

Volume 3: Wisdom of Fred

The project is a truly collaborative series, and we are honored to work with many great artists. The record has been primarily produced and conceived of by me, with collaborations from Mike including both beats and rhymes! That’s right, Flatline of Royal Ruckus will be blazing mics again. We are working with some amazing talent, and you’ll be familiar with most of these guys if you’ve listed to any of our recent music. got a dream team of collaborators, which includes Sojourn, CookBook, Joey the Jerk, Spoken Nerd, Jeremiah Dirt and Samuel  Oxymoron of Shadow of the Locust, Sir Mathew Thomas, and some surprises to come!

I was also excited to record with DJ Sean P at his studio in Fort Worth, where we have made magical music in the past. Sean and I were in the studio making magic happen, and now the project is in the mix. He raps and scratches and delivers beats in a very speedy way!

If you’ve enjoyed the “Ruckus resurgence” of the last few years, you’ll love this concept series. I hope you’ll listen in, share with a friend, and consider sending us a celebratory beer or underwriting a key component of the project, like buying a guest spot.

Thanks for coming this far. If you’d like to know more, visit our current blog page (powered by Buy Me a Coffee).


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